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About Lakeland Hypnosis

John grew up in Blackpool, attended Blackpool Grammar School and went to Warwick University, graduating in 1984 with a degree in Psychology (B.A. Hons.). Over the next 15 years, he worked in various roles within British industry, before a growing passion for training led him to found the Worklife Balance Company Ltd., a management training consultancy, in 2000. Significant work within the NHS encouraged him to found Training Courses for Doctors, a medical training consultancy, in 2008. Both companies are still active today.

Over time, training large numbers of people in a group setting led to one-to-one teaching, coaching, and mentoring for individual clients, often NHS doctors, facing personal challenges and problems. During the early years of client consultations, John became aware that very often, rational and intelligent individuals, although having great insight into their issues, couldn’t address them very effectively. This led him to the area of the subconscious mind as the major influencer of human behaviour, and Clinical Hypnosis as a means of accessing this. Subsequently, he qualified as a Hypnotherapist at The Fylde Academy of Clinical Hypnosis.

In 2016, John relocated to Kendal to be closer to the Lake District and the Clinical Hypnotherapy practice is situated in Serpentine Road, opposite Serpentine woods. He is still training NHS doctors through the company www.trainingcoursesfordoctors.co.uk  and he’s increasingly focussing on hypnotherapy as the major means of helping private clients overcome their difficulties and reach their personal goals.

John is a keen walker and cyclist and since his first marathon in 1982, a recreational endurance athlete for 35 years; having completed numerous 10k’s, half-marathons, marathons, ultramarathons, and triathlons, including:

  • Chester Olympic-distance triathlon 2008
  • Grand Tour of Skiddaw – 2015
  • Ironman UK triathlon 2009
  • Lakeland Trails 110k 2016
  • Lakeland 50 mountain race 2013
  • Lakeland 100 mountain race 2017